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  • 1 Headline
  • 2-3 Sub-headline
  • 1 CTA

Step-by-Step Directions


Step 1: Call out to your audience in capture page

It might seem like it’s not important to put “Attention: (insert your perfect audience here)” at the top of your capture pages, but you see it done across the board – all the time… Especially from all the top direct response marketers.

When calling out to your audience make sure to be SPECIFIC!


Step 2: Grab your audience attention with an attractive Headline

A headline is your most important element on your capture page. It catches attention, sparks interest and gives hope.

Your headline is what compels your visitor to stay and find out more about what you’re offering. Your headline should be a bold and clear promise, telling the visitor what you’re going to teach them or how you are going to help them.

Test the power of your headline:

You can use headline analyzer to measure the strength of your headline and have a brief understanding of what type of impact you can expect from it.



Step 3: Expand Sub-Headline with the promise you made in your Headline

A headline is designed to grab your visitor’s attention while the sub-headline is designed to make them want to stay.

With your sub-headline, you want to back up your big promise that you made in your headline with a short explanation of how something you promised is going to be achieved. Your sub-headline has to make what you’re offering perfectly clear.


Step 4: Use Bullet-points in capture page

Bullet points are probably one of the most powerful tools in a copywriter’s arsenal. They are easy to digest and by drawing more attention to your ideas, they can also inspire massive action, which is exactly why in most cases we want to use them on our capture pages.

When writing bullets ask your self these questions:

Keep Them Brief:

Don’t use unnecessary words in your bullets, keep your bullet points concise and as lean as possible, that will help you keep them easy to understand and it will allow your visitors to zip through them with little effort.

Lead with Benefits:

“Features tell and benefits sell.”

Whenever writing copy and trying to convince your audience to take action, never bore them with the features of your products or offers. Instead, make them excited by telling them the benefits they will get after using your product.

When talking about benefits, use words like “Imagine, Picture Yourself, Visualize” to help your audience visualize a better future, the kind of future that they desire. And remind them that it’s your offer that can help them get there.

Sell a Feeling:

It’s proven that emotions drive our behavior, and logic justifies our actions only after the fact. Which is why copywriters focus on selling emotions and feelings and that’s exactly what you should be focusing on as well.

That’s also why selling a product’s features is never a good idea. And that is simply because features appeal to the logical part of people’s brains, which doesn’t drive action.

That’s why we have to focus on selling a feeling and emotion to appeal to the emotional part of people’s brains and make them to take action on our offers.


Step 5: Have a powerful Call-To-Action for your capture page

To have a high converting capture page, a powerful CTA is one of the most important elements. It’s exactly what ultimately converts your visitors into subscribers.

So with that in mind, when building your capture page, to make sure you have a powerful CTA, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my Call To Action big enough? Generally speaking, the bigger, the better.
  2. Is my CTA copy compelling? Don’t just use simple words like “Submit” or “Access”. Instead use something explosive, exciting and persuasive.
  3. Am I using bright enough colors to make my CTA stand out? It has to contrast from other colors on the screen. This helps to attract the eye and compel the click.



Step 6: Make your capture page mobile responsive

A massive amount of traffic today comes from mobile and tablet which is why, for one we want to keep our capture pages as simple as possible so that our visitors wouldn’t have to keep scrolling, and of course we want to keep our capture page mobile responsive as well.

And you can use this tool to make sure it’s actually mobile responsive.


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