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  • Tempting Offer
  • Call-To-Action
  • Email automation
  • Ad manager

Step-by-Step Directions


Step 1: Choose Your Offer

The first and most important step – choosing your offer.Bridge funnels can be used to sell both, your own products as well as affiliate offers.

If you have your own product – great!

If you don’t – No Worries, there are plenty of affiliate offers you can choose from!

The best thing is to choose something you’re passionate about, and make sure the offer is a good one, provides value and actually solves a problem. Go for offers that are proven to convert.


Step 2: Build a Capture Page

A capture page is designed to capture new leads by giving away something of value in exchange for their email.

The goal for the ‘Squeeze Page’ is to qualify new leads as potential customers and act as an enticing gate for your cold traffic to pass through on their way to the next page.Best to keep info at a minimum and essentially give them a ‘Yes or No’ decision to take the initial offer.

Tip: You’ll need to make sure that you’re offering something shiny and desirable to get people to sign up.


Step 3: Build a Bridge Page

The ‘Bridge Page’ is meant to continue to add to the value of the ‘Squeeze Page’ and help pre-frame your audience just a little bit more before moving them to the affiliate offer. It connects cold traffic to your hot offer.

On this page, a Video is best as it helps you to connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level. In the video, after you’ve talked more in-depth about yourself, your offer, and how it can change your prospect’s life, give them a call to action button to check out the offer on the next page.


Step 4: Set Up Email Automation

With ‘Email Automation’, you can create a system that helps you to build relationships with the people that sign up to your list through your funnels.

This is important if you want to sell multiple or higher ticket (affiliate) offers. Remember that there is money in a list and with the right strategy & message, you can extract more revenue than just one little sale.


Step 5: Start Driving Traffic

Now it’s time to start sending traffic to your ‘Bridge Funnel’.

Drive traffic through platforms like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads etc.

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