This recipe focuses on leveraging programmatic SEO to automatically create, optimize, and maintain SEO-friendly content and landing pages. By automating these processes, you can target a wider range of keywords and scale your website’s organic traffic more efficiently.



  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content automation
  • Landing page generation
  • SEO monitoring and maintenance

Step-by-Step Directions


Keyword Research and Expansion

  • Conduct extensive keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, or SEMrush to identify high-volume and relevant keywords for your industry.


  • Analyze long-tail keywords and variations that have lower competition but are still relevant to your target audience.


  • Keep track of your findings in a spreadsheet or keyword management tool.

Competitor Analysis

  • Identify your top competitors and analyze their keyword targeting and content strategies.


  • Use competitor analysis tools to find gaps in their content and identify opportunities for your programmatic SEO efforts.


  • Create a list of potential keywords and topics that your competitors may have overlooked.

Content Automation

  • Develop a content template that includes key elements such as title, headers, meta description, and URL structure, along with areas for dynamic content insertion.


  • Use an API or web scraping tool to gather relevant data or content snippets that can be automatically inserted into your content template.


  • Implement a content generation system that can create unique, SEO-friendly content by combining your content template with the data or snippets gathered in the previous step.

Landing Page Generation

  • Develop a landing page template that incorporates your content, follows SEO best practices, and is designed to convert visitors.


  • Integrate your content generation system with your landing page template, allowing it to automatically create and publish optimized landing pages targeting specific keywords or long-tail variations.


  • Set up a system to automatically update and maintain the generated landing pages based on the latest keyword data and performance metrics.

SEO Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Regularly monitor your website’s performance using SEO tools and analytics data.


  • Track the performance of your generated landing pages and identify areas for improvement.


  • Update your keyword research, content automation, and landing page generation processes based on the latest data and trends.


  • Continuously test and iterate on your programmatic SEO strategy to ensure long-term growth.


By following this recipe, you can effectively implement programmatic SEO to automate content and landing page creation, helping you scale your organic traffic and stay ahead of your competition.

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